About Us

Welcome to Harvest Time in Brentwood

Harvest Time is a Non-Profit Organization that is dedicated to educating the general public and “foodies” about farming and its products while improving Agri-tourism education in the Brentwood, California Region of East Contra Costa County. Each year, we produce an educational farm trail map that directs you to more than 40 growers who sell direct to the consumer!

Come learn how farm-fresh is just naturally more delicious, nutritious and more economical too! Whether you prefer picked produce, or enjoy picking your own, we have educational programs, fresh, delicious fruits, vegetables, and nuts waiting for you. We also have wine, pies, gift baskets, gourmet treats, Alpaca clothing and nursery stock.

Take a few moments to look around our website then come visit some of the farms in Brentwood, California’s bountiful agricultural region to celebrate Harvest Time! Encounter our generous agricultural heritage and learn about farming in our region of the Sacramento Delta.

Our Historical Past

Early 70’s


East Contra Costa County farmers decided to do something more than sell produce to packers after a year or two of unusually low farm prices. Not to jeopardize their individuality and independence, they met with the Contra Costa Farm Bureau to organize their vision.




Pursuant to the General Nonprofit Corporation Law of the State of California, Articles of Incorporation and a set of by-laws to educate the general public about farming in the “Brentwood Region” were filed under Harvest Time Inc. Any farm or ranch in Contra Costa County was welcome to join. First Directors were Jack Bloomfield, Tino Bacchini, Lee Laird, Gene Stonebarger Sr. and John Slatten with a total membership of ten.




Harvest Time grew to 29 members. Through collaboration, farmers experienced more exposure to a greater audience, raising awareness about the bounty they worked hard to produce. From 1984-88, BBQ’s were held to help finance advertising, produce the annual trail map and hire a public relations professional. In 1986, new Harvest Time signs adopted a new color scheme and attractive design.


1990 – 2000’s


The organization opted to do away with monthly director meetings. Elected Meredith Nunn of the Farmer’s Daughter as President and Roy Gursky assumed the joint duties of Secretary and Treasurer, handled day to day operations and production of the annual trail map until 2004. In its beginning, seven members offered u-pick cherries on less than 90 acres and lead the way to today’s 20+ members representing 350 acres with a gross volume of about 1,500 tons per year.

To date, Harvest Time membership has met annually to discuss the direction of their organization and finalize the content of the annual trail map. A formal Board of Directors was formed once again and met monthly to guide a Five Year Plan which included a Membership / Sponsorship campaign to become a self sustaining organization for years to come.

Our Farm Fresh Present Day

Harvest Time welcomes visitors from around the world to visit Brentwood, California’s bountiful agricultural region to celebrate Harvest Time and encounter our generous agricultural heritage. Many returning families are second and third generation visitors.

Generating over 180,000 visitors each year with the majority during Memorial Day Weekend;s harvest of cherries. Harvest Time offers an abundance of information and opportunity to visitors and those local businesses who welcome them to our agricultural core and growing economy. For the visitor, they can research local farms & seasonal produce from their mobile app and find a place to eat after a day in the orchard with their family. For the business owner, they can encourage visitors to enjoy restaurants, shops, hotels and products utilizing that same mobile App.

Between the website and the App, Harvest Time gets over 100,000+ hits a year and distributes 70,000 maps. Currently 45+ members offer numerous items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, wine, nursery stock, alfalfa, gourmet products and gift baskets from over 900 acres. The U-Pick or Pre-Picked stands are seasonal, however some members offer products year round.

Board of Directors

Steve Gursky – President
Jessica Stonebarger – Vice President
Sean McCauley – Treasurer
Lori Sanabria – Secretary
Jessica Enos – Director
Joe Ghiggeri – Director
Ken Hagan – Director
Cecil Adams – Director