Very Mulberry

Very Mulberry

501 Hoffman Lane Brentwood California

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Mulberry Season has ended for 2024!

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For the first time, we are excited to bring a truly unique and delightful experience of mulberry u-pick to Brentwood. Very Mulberry started with something simple: a love for mulberries. Our farm is a reflection of our beliefs about how to grow the food we eat every day: all natural, sustainably and wholesome— food that nourishes our bodies and satisfies our taste buds. Mulberries are a “superfood” offering a highly nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals, but more importantly, these purple, juicy berries delight people and bring a smile to their faces.


Join thousands of fruit enthusiasts in exploring the world of mulberries like never before. Be part of the excitement at the largest Mulberry U-Pick in America, exclusively at Habitera Farms. Get ready for the 2024 season, where you can roll up your sleeves, hand-pick your own succulent mulberries, and witness the incredible “Shake and Catch” technique in action. Make the most of your visit by turning it into a memorable day trip, as you venture to nearby U-Pick farms in Brentwood, CA, where you can also indulge in cherries, berries and a variety of other stone fruits.


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